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About Us

What is CoverMe?

CoverMe Employment Solutions is the future of Job Networking in Australia. We offer a unique way of advertising and applying for work that gets results for jobs seekers and employers.

We work exclusively with a community of qualified and experienced health and fitness experts to volunteer, cover or fill part or full-time positions, Australia wide!

Our community focuses on connecting employers with potential employees and exclusively with people trained in similar industries with the same credentials.

Why Choose CoverMe?

The team at CoverMe work in the fitness industry. We understand how hard it can be to have an opportunity in the industry once graduated. CoverMe is designed to make this opportunity a lot easier and having a selection of jobs, events and workshops all on one platform at your fingertips. At times we require covers for my own classes. Starting with a select few of instructors to cover classes, over time this became more difficult as we became busier. CoverMe was the quickest way we were able to have our classes covered and where we could also apply for other jobs in the same industry.

CoverMe is a great way for gyms, fitness and wellbeing studios and other fitness/recreational groups to obtain instructors for a quick cover or a permanent position. CoverMe eliminates the thought of classes being cancelled due to no instructor and helps take the pressure off by simply and easily finding another one.

CoverMe has been designed for the people by the people and we as founders are a small team to help make locating jobs and any events & workshops so much easier by using this platform that is right at our fingertips.

Our Job Network & Employment Services

When you become a CoverMe member, not only do you gain access to all of our expert services, but you become a part of the Health and Fitness community! What are you waiting for?


Search and apply for jobs in all areas of health and fitness, post job vacancies or browse our extensive list of skilled candidates. 

Create Your Profile

Let other health and fitness experts discover your skills by creating a personal profile with your resume that can be seen by potential employers.

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Gain access to our exclusive Facebook communities where you can interact and advertise with other experts in the industry.

Promote Your Business

Promote your company in our Business Directory and get recognised through user reviews. Hundreds of users visit our website each day.

Create Events

Got an event? Create and promote your health and fitness events with the CoverMe Employment Solutions community.

Articles & Resources

Keeping current with the latest news in health and fitness has never been easier. Browse our extensive catalogue of articles.