Don’t Cancel That Class!

Not sure what to do if an Instructor can not teach their class , we have all been there , check out the below article from other studio / gym owners on this topic………
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Don’t Cancel That Class!
Recently I was faced with the biggest challenge of my professional management career. I had just posted an exciting, eclectic group exercise schedule boasting 75 classes a week. Many were specialty offerings, such as yoga, aqua arthritis, cycling and senior fitness. Then calls began to pour in from instructors telling me they’d be unavailable. Six of them were going to be away in the same week, leaving 38 classes in need of coverage. Three instructors were going on vacation, one would be out of town for a wedding, another was attending a family reunion, and the yoga teacher was going on a retreat. The pristine schedule now resembled Swiss cheese!
The instructors simply told me to cancel their classes, but how would this affect members? The pressure to get so many classes covered with less than a week’s notice was overwhelming. Should I just go ahead and cancel them? The panic button was near, but something kept me from pushing it.
As program managers, we offer and promise a variety of classes on our schedules. It is our duty to continue delivering this service regardless of what comes up. Canceling group fitness classes was not the best solution; it was just the easiest. Easy does not necessarily mean good. This experience taught me a valuable lesson in preparation and communication: You don’t have to cancel classes if you have a plan in place that
empowers instructors to find and groom their own subs;
makes subs comfortable when teaching for another instructor;
ensures a positive experience and a smooth transition for members.
Article Reference:
Peggy Gregor, AFAA, ACE
Dec 31, 2005
Updated on: August 12, 2008