How do i get onto Gyms books to cover classes ?

As a Yoga instructor i have taught and covered at numerous gyms since graduating in 2011, back then it seemed allot easier to get onto Gyms books than it is today. I have seen the question come up many times when classes require a cover and there also seems to be more gyms requesting instructors who are on their books. The question is , ” How do i get to Gyms books to cover classes?”

After chatting to a group Fitness manager i know and other instructors who have been able to get onto the gyms books and by my own experience i wanted to put a few tips together and share in hope the process is allot easier for you.

How do i get to Gyms books to cover classes?

There are numerous ways this can happen : 

  1. Be recommended by another instructor to the group fitness manager 
  2. Contact club and ask for the group fitness manager. 
  3. Send relevant certificates / compliance: Such as : first aid, cpr, insurance, qualificiation certificates
  4. Obtain working with children check if required 
  5. Obtain an alliance of your field if required by club