Why Your Need Your Own Website as a Yoga Teacher

Hi there, I am Laura owner and founder of Balanced by Aquila. I am based in Adelaide and as well as having a passion for teaching Yoga and sharing essential oils, I help Yoga teacher’s create their unique websites! A few weeks ago I was chatting with Leeanne founder of Cover Me Yoga about the need for Yoga teachers to have a great website that brings in new Yoga students and she suggested I write a blog post on this. 

Like many Yoga teachers, I have built a Yoga business teaching part time in local community centers around my hometown, in addition to a ‘corporate job’. So I know how much of a challenge it can be to find time to work on all the other important aspects of a business, like marketing, booking systems and webpages. And with the ease of access to social media, it can be easy to convince yourself that you don’t really need a website, but you really do! 

Now before I get to my five reasons why Yoga teachers need a great website, I have some questions for you…

Are you a brand new Yoga Teacher and business owner and don’t have a clue on how to get started on your website?

Have you been teaching for a while and your website could use a refresh?

Or maybe you are still using your Facebook page or Instagram profile as your ‘website’?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? It is time to look at why a website is important for you in your Yoga Teaching Business.

Here are my top 5 reasons why having a unique website is important for your Yoga Teaching Business:

You own it! 

Unlike your social media pages and profiles, they can disappear or the algorithm change at any time. Your domain name is owned by you and your website is safe using a platform provider like Squarespace, which I use for my own website and for other Yoga teachers. 

Your website is the best way to share that detailed information on your offerings!

A social media post is a great drip feed of information to your current and future Yoga students. But a website holds that information that you and your students can really easily refer back to. 

Your website can be set up to take secure online payments and bookings! 

No more cash float, no more bank transfers. No more, “text me if you would like to make a booking”. Bookings and purchases can all be processed securely through your website and the income sent straight to your account, using a Squarespace compatible booking system for your classes, like Acuity. (link for Acuity https://acuityscheduling.com/?kw=YToxNjIwMTAwNA%3D%3D )

You can easily be Googled! 

What is the first thing you do when you aren’t sure about something? Who that actor is, what the time is in London, or where the closest grocery store is? You Google it! So why would you not want to be found on Google? I keep track of where all my new Yoga students come from and since having an awesome website, it is at least half through a Google Search. 

Your website gives you credibility! 

When you see a great website it shows that you know what you are doing in business right? Often it is the first contact someone often has with a business (through Google of course!). So why shouldn’t it be the case for your Yoga business? A professional, informative and easy to use website, with your brand clearly shining through (that’s you if you are a solopreneur) gives you credibility, bridging that trust gap between you and future Yoga students!

Your First Website Creation Steps

Ok so now we have gone through why having your own Yoga website is important, what can you do about it?

To start with you might like to check out My Quick Start Guide for Building Your Squarespace Website, which is a mini guide to some of the resources I provide clients who work with me. You can download this here: balancedbyaquila.com.au/websitefreebie

You might be ready to set up one on your own or make over your current site yourself but if you would like to outsource this or just some guidance along the way I have two packages to work with you. One I create your unique website for you and the other, I mentor you through this process. Both packages are for Squarespace websites only. 

If you would like to learn more, have any questions, or would like to book your free 20 minute Website Creation Exploratory call today, feel free to get in touch with me via email laura@balancedbyaquila.com.au or visit my website balancedbyaquila.com.au/yogawebsitecreation 

Good luck with creating your very own unique website! 

A little bit about Holly:

The author Laura Hodgson is a Yoga Teacher based in Adelaide. Her mission with her business Balanced by Aquila, is to empower individuals to create their naturally healthy, heart, body and mind, with Yoga or (and) doTERRA Essential Oils. She also provides her website creation services to like minded business and practitioners to help them do the same.

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