How Entrepreneurs Can Get Better Shuteye and Be More Successful as a Result

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How Entrepreneurs Can Get Better Shuteye and Be More Successful as a Result
It’s not unusual for entrepreneurs to struggle with catching Zs at night.  However, if you’re staring at the ceiling instead of sleeping away, your performance in your workplace can suffer.  Here is important information on how you can get better-quality sleep, and more of it, so you can be your best.
Linking success with sleep.  As an entrepreneur, you are pursuing a dream.  It’s natural for you to feel stressed about your work, since your ideas and drive are at the heart of the entire enterprise.  As Mark Stevens points out on LinkedIn, insomnia is almost a given, since once you achieve your goals, your inclination is “to dismiss it as not enough and to start the cycle all over again.”  With that kind of pressure on yourself, counting sheep is unlikely to bring success in the slumber department.  However, your abilities and performance can be directly linked with how much sleep you get, and whether your sleep is good quality.  While it might seem like you aren’t being productive, there are important benefits you can reap from slumber which apply to your work, such as improved decision-making ability, enhanced creativity and learning, and better ability to focus.  Poor sleep can also affect your health, putting you at higher risk for cardiovascular issues, weight gain, depression, and diabetes.
Raising the bar.  It’s important for you to make getting sufficient sleep one of your goals, but how do you do that when you have so much going through your mind, and on top of that, when time is limited?  Fortunately, Chili Technology points out you can make improving your sleep quality (instead of quantity) your primary goal and reap the benefits you seek.  Rather than thinking in terms of the time you cover with your eyes closed, look for ways to ensure your slumber is top-notch.
Better bedroom.  Aiming for an improved sleep environment can make a tremendous difference when it comes to improving sleep quality.  Your bedroom should be uncluttered and organized, and you should remove technology from the room completely.  It’s too tempting to check your email or do paperwork when you’re surrounded by it, and it makes it all the harder to shut work out of your mind if it’s lingering in the room.  Also ensure the room has soothing, restful lighting for unwinding at bedtime.  Try some candlelight or a dim lamp on your nightstand to help your body feel more relaxed before bed.
Improved habits.  A cornerstone for improving sleep quality is taking on better daytime habits.  Sometimes, seemingly harmless activities can be hurting your slumber, such as caffeine late in the day, sugary snacks in the evening, and hitting the snooze button in the morning.  Getting more sunshine in the early morning before work can help your body synchronize into natural circadian rhythms better, helping you to sleep better at night.  MarketingEye notes many entrepreneurs struggle with mentally setting aside their to-do lists when they should be sleeping, and it drives them from their beds, getting back up to work.  If your mind won’t settle enough for sleep, that’s a sign you could use a better bedtime routine to help you relax.  Try taking a warm bath, reading an enjoyable novel, and doing some deep breathing exercises.
Work in a workout.  If you aren’t already in an exercise program, you might roll your eyes thinking about adding one more thing to your day.  However, some experts feel exercise can be a boon to your sleep quality, although you should plan to work out early in the day and avoid being too active close to bedtime.  What’s more, exercise offers other important benefits, such as improved fitness and stress relief.  There are some easy ways to fit it into your schedule, especially if you are multitasking instead of adding a trip to the gym to your routine.  Consider walking to your meetings, biking to work, or using a treadmill desk.  Even pacing while you talk can help.
With a little tweaking, you can improve your sleep without sacrificing anything.  In fact, you can reap the benefits of better performance.  When looking for your next set of goals, consider making slumber part of the picture.
Blog by : Lucy Reed