How to get the best value out of your yoga teacher training.

So the time has come where you are feeling ready to move past being a yoga practitioner and ready to share some of the wisdom and experience you have gained from your own practice with others.
There are many many great teachers around the globe who you could train with. It might be a hard decision choosing who you would like to learn from. A 200-hour training is a long time to spend with someone. has put together a list of things to consider before selecting who you would like to do your teacher training with. Check it out!

  1. Make sure the Yoga School is Yoga-Alliance Certified

Before you make a big investment in your yoga future, do your research. This can really save you time and money, and of course, lead you to become the best yoga teacher you were meant to be.
Research the Yoga School where you would like to do your teacher training and make sure they are Yoga-Alliance certified. This means they have had the proper training themselves and the teachers are RYT (Registered Yoga Teachers). The teachers should have met the requirements of Yoga Alliance in order to become teacher trainers.

  1. What experience do the teachers have?

Get a good understanding of the background of each teacher. How long have they been practicing? Where did they train to become teachers?
What is required by Yoga Alliance for the teachers of the 200-hour training to have is:

  • Techniques, Training, and Practice

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle

  • Completed a 5-hour practicum

Learn what style of yoga your teacher will be focusing on, and also learn more about that style of yoga. Make sure the style of yoga your teacher is teaching is the style you feel most passionate about. Pay attention to which style resonates most with who you are.
Get a feel for who the teacher is ahead of time, read their bio, contact them, or ask around. You want to make sure you find a teacher who is compatible with what you need and can provide you the knowledge  to become a great teacher.


  1. Where is the retreat located?

Are you looking to attend a retreat overseas where you stay immersed in the training for a month straight, or are you looking for a teacher training that is broken up in time slots to accommodate to your work schedule?
If you are looking to go abroad, some of the major teach training locations are: India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hawaii. Find a place that you know you would be comfortable, enjoy the culture, and perhaps is on your bucket list of places to visit.
Do your research to make sure that the location is reputable and legit. Watch out for scams! This is where the Yoga- Alliance Certificate and Registered Yoga Teachers comes in handy.

  1. How much does it cost?

Is the cost of the retreat reasonable for your budget? Keep in mind that doing a teacher training is an investment and you don’t want to cheap out on a great experience which could benefit your teaching career. Look for quality teachers, in a quality location, teaching the style of yoga you are interested in teaching.
Be sure to ask if accommodation, food, and equipment are included in the overall cost. Some teacher trainings only cover the cost of the school, so be sure to ask ahead of time what is included.
Ask about cancellation policies because you never know what the future holds.
If the Yoga School is a bit expensive, but you really want to attend, ask about payment plans. Some Yoga Schools offer compassion programs to students who might not be able to afford to pay the whole program and offer volunteer programs to help cover the cost.

  1. What is included in your teaching training?

In order to be the best teacher you can be, you need to get the best education. It is important to know what is included in your teacher training. Check out what each yoga teacher training has to offer. You can look at the listings on our site as well to compare what each course includes.
It is important to find a teacher training that will give you the knowledge to become the teacher you are meant to be. Prepare a list of qualities you like in your yoga teachers, and then see if you can find this from some of the teacher training.
If you are wanting to focus on a specific niche as well, it is important to find a teacher training where this is included as well. Some teacher training offer specific courses such as chanting, pranayamas, or learning how to be an expert on props and adjustments.
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