Grippy Toes:

I have noticed in my own practice that it’s not unusual to have grippy toes on the mat.
Grippy toes is when you are gripping the mat with your toes , could be for many reasons but mainly I feel
I do it without thinking about it. I am always reminding myself to have “soft” toes.
My students regularly hear me say check that your toes are “soft” and not gripping the mat..
Why is it important to keep toes nice and soft on the mat?
I think of it as I come to yoga to release stress and tension from my mind and body. I find when I am gripping the mat I am creating tension instead of letting it leave my body.
You can test this out for yourself by standing at the top of your mat.. lift up your toes , spread them gently and then place back down… see how soft everything feels?
Now try gripping your mat with your toes…. notice the tension you created and where the tension sits… for me it’s In my toes, shins , knees and dosen’t feel good at all…. Give it a go and see how it feels for you.
Below I have pic 1. Where my toes are soft and Pic 2. I gave grippy toes
Feel free to share what it feels like for you


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