Tips for landing that Job !

I came across some tips from an employer who was looking for someone to hire.. hope it helps…..
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I would just like to give some feedback on why some of the members on here may be struggling to find work.
In the last month I have advertised 4 jobs on here and shared 1 from another page.
I have received 86 resumes and over 60 messages to my private inbox even when I requested resumes to be emailed so my boss could review.
It shouldn’t matter what the position advised is, you should remain professional. I have received resumes with no text in the email, countless spelling errors, others say Hi Mate or Hi Bro!? Another person sent me a message saying “you give me job” another saying “you are responsible for the job give me number”
I completely understand some applicants may have English as a second language and others may not know how to articulate themselves. However if you want to find a good job with a good employer then there are some basic rules you should follow.
1. Have a resume that is clear and concise, no spelling errors with relevant work history and a maximum of 2 pages long.
2. Address the selection criteria. “I am applying for the job based on the following”
I have not had 1 person do this. You need to demonstrate you have the required skills unless the post says no experience necessary
3. Read the application clearly. If it says please email, do not message the person directly.
4. Appropriately address the employer or recruiter “Dear Sir/Madam”
5. If you have no experience in interviews I suggest finding someone who is and practising with them. I interviewed someone last week who told me they needed me to double the pay rate as their boyfriend had left them and asked whether I did credit checks as well as police checks. Surprisingly I didn’t call them back. Also do not tell the employer you are desperate for a job.
6. Attach a cover letter. Out of 86 resumes not 1 had a cover letter. Employers can tell when you’ve not given an application any thought.
7. Use valid Work references. Unfortunately your best friend from high school won’t cut it because “you’re a good bloke”. Should you not have appropriate work references offer to do a free trial or volunteer. Employers will appreciate your honesty.
There are numerous free resources available on the internet to assist with resumes and cover letters. USE THEM! A good resume is your first and sometimes only first impression. Or seek an employment agency or recruiter to help you.
There are thousands of jobs advertised and making a few simple changes will ensure you’re ahead of your competition.