How can you relax after a long day?

After a busy or stressful day wether it is behind a desk, in a factory or even running a household it can all be too much sometimes and all you want to do is unwind and let it all go..
For some people it’s not a natural thing to be able to relax but maybe a nice soak in a bath with candles , bath bombs or even a book is the way to go. There are different things for different people but what helps me relax is being able to roll out my Yoga mat and do some slow moving poses , focus on my breath and finish off with a mediation. It dosen’t have to be a long time spent but the time I do get I like to be able to focus and let go of the day..
Creating a home practice space dosen’t have to take up allot of room space , it just needs to be a calming space where you can go to unwind and let go..
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