5 Jobs That Lead to a Great Career

In order to pave your road to a successful career, you need to be familiar with what exactly having a “great career” means. Contrary to what people think, money actually does bring happiness, and specializing in a field that will pretty much make sure that you remain well-situated, at the very least, is a dream of many. On the other hand, achieving success can be very difficult if you don’t feel strong passion about the particular field.
All this aside, jobs that can pretty much guarantee a great career do exist, and keeping this knowledge on your radar might help you achieve success in life.

A programmer

The era of technological revolution that we live in has created a huge demand for programmers. The number of estimated job openings in this profession is close to $17,000, with a median base salary of more than $100,000. All numbers aside, money isn’t the only thing that makes this career path so lucrative; the huge factor of diversity, along with the fact that almost every business needs programming services, is exactly what makes this profession so popular. Whether we’re talking about game design or ATM software engineering, the fact of the matter is: programmers are wanted and this is not going to change anytime soon.

A real estate agent

Perhaps this might be a bit unexpected, but real estate agents are actually the happiest employees out there. Boasting an index score of 4.26, these professionals are perfectly satisfied with the amount of control that they have over the work they do on a day-to-day basis. It is obvious, therefore, that these experts have the job satisfaction part of the road towards a great career covered. But, what about their earnings? Well, real estate agents make more than $50,000 per year, with top earning experts in this profession bringing in over $90,000 per annum!

A senior sales representative

Although happiness doesn’t necessarily equal a great career, it plays a huge role in it. With this in mind, we present you with the third happiest group of workers in America, with a score of 4.19! Senior sales representatives are perfectly satisfied with the amount of control that this profession offers, as well as to their daily tasks. Sales jobs are generally very flexible and provide a rewarding environment, while the payment structure is heavily correlated with results. Bonuses and commission compensation are something that the position of a senior sales representative excels at.

An accountant

Accounting jobs are wrongfully considered less than lucrative – this stigma was brought on as a result of uninformed people making rash claims. In truth, one really needs to have a knack for numbers in order to excel at and progress through this profession. Fortunately for those who happen to enjoy crunching numbers, the lucrative accounting manager position offers a median base salary of up to $82,000, which is more than satisfactory for most people. Owing to the mentioned stigma, this job position is always lacking in eager professionals looking to fill it. The number of job openings of more than 3,000 in the U.S. is quite staggering, and, if you are good with digits, there are a lot of quality accounting courses available out there – your dream career might be closer than you think!

A physician

Having their child become a doctor is the dream of many parents, and for a great reason. With a median base salary of $200,000, medicine guarantees a successful career. However, getting to the point of becoming a physician is a difficult and expensive road. There really is no easy way to get into this profession, which is why this line of work, with more than 2,000 job openings, truly is a job that will lead you to a great career!