From yoga instructors to novelists: five ways to turn your hobby into a job

Do you have a favourite hobby that you sometimes wonder if you could make a living from?

You can turn a hobby into a living as I did. I started out practicing Yoga for back pain initially but as time went on I started thinking about how I could share this hobby that I love and helps me so much with others. I started looking into teacher training courses with my yoga teacher and boom I was accepted.
Completing a 2 years course I still wasn’t sure how I could do the transition as money was already tight and could afford to leave full time work. In the end I just started teaching after work hours and eventually I was going to loose my job and become redundant , simply this was the day I decided to seriously do the transistion of working for myself instead of someone else. Nearly 6 years later I run a small home studio and I have not regretted my descision.
You can do the transition too, I have included a link to a page where others share their tips on how to make this happen. One key word is work hard, never loose sight of the dream your working towards.