Yoga suitable for all body types.

The last couple days I have come across numerous articles on Yoga suitable for all body types.
When I stepped on the mat many years ago before I started teaching, I originally started due to back pain which became worse after having my son. I used to roll out of bed in the mornings as it was too painful to stand up straightaway , I’d have to wait for the pain to go.
Once I decided to do something about it I found myself looking up
yoga. I made my way to my first class , scared as I thought I was too big to even get into poses. Set up my mat and looked around and started panicking as I placed myself next to a smaller person,
I remember thinking there’s no way I will be as good as her, feeling embarrassed for even  trying I made it through and cried all the way home and when I got home.
Determined to get better I went back and every week after that. I eventually started my teacher training and haven’t looked back although I still have allot of the insecurities I have always had but after reading the articles over the few days I have inspiration to be comfortable with who I am, my practice, moy teaching and the strength to follow my dreams.
Don’t give up because you feel
your different because we are all the same.