Small is beautiful – Benefits of smaller Yoga and Pilates classes.

There are many benefits to smaller class sizes
Practicing yoga or Pilates is a personal experience. We go deeper into ourselves to become more aware of how our bodies move, what our thoughts are, how we feel and what we need in the present moment.
Distractions while practicing can pull us out of the moment, create negative thoughts or feelings, or cause us to injure ourselves. And while a meditation or yoga practice teaches us to become better at being present , let go of distractions this may be difficult to do for beginners or even experienced yogis.
A room packed full of people can easily create distractions. The proximity of others, their scents and sounds, or even our own minds making comparisons, can pull us out of our focus on the self.
A private practice at home may seem like a solution, but listening to a teacher’s guiding voice helps to keep us present and less caught up in our own thoughts. It also helps us to relax and just follow.
In smaller classes a teacher is able to be aware of each student and give more attention where needed. They can see when you are doing something that could injure yourself and correct it or give individualized modifications.
Often, in small studios, the teachers also get a chance to talk to students before the class to check how they’re feeling that day and if the student has injuries or issues to be aware of during certain exercises.
At YogaLou we also check in after the class to see how it went for the students, answer questions and gather any feedback for the next class.
In smaller classes each student has space they can be in by themselves for their own practice. With this space, there’s no worry about hitting another student or falling into them if you lose balance.
Smaller classes allow a more intimate feel and can create a sense of community in the space.
With less people in the room, it’s much easier to recognize others, gain trust, and become aware of the interconnections between ourselves and others while sharing space as we move through our own individual practices.
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