Yoga and light weights ?

Should you or even could you add light weights to your daily yoga practice?  The answer being yes of course you can as there are many benefits to introducing light weights into your practice.
If you have been practicing yoga for many years it is possible to become complaicent, over flexible and  causing over stretching and then injury. I have also seen students stepping on the mat tiered or maybe a hard day and it shows in their practice. Non activation in postures also causing possible injuries. By adding light weights to a practice helps take your practice to a new level if that’s where you are at of course.  It can also add resistance , muscle and bone density will increase over time, boosting one’s balance, range of motion, and overall stamina.
Adding light weights also helps build endurance, strength, and stresses the muscles in a productive way.
Added bonuses include aesthetically better looking asanas as you gain postural control and are able to hold them for longer.
Thankyou to Kim Miller for being my model ??