Making a living teaching Yoga

Making a living teaching Yoga, a dream that you can work towards,
I stepped onto a yoga mat many years ago and never in my wildest dreams did I consider this new found practice helping me heal my body and my heart would become a business I could run and become successful as a yoga teacher. Still quiet unsure I went and enrolled for my TT (Teacher Training) and in 2 years I became a qualified yoga teacher.
Now to go out on my own. I started teaching as a cover teacher and put my name down at gyms and community centres around my home. Slowly I landed more and more teaching opportunities and I was hooked.
At the time of my TT ( teacher training) I was working in a job I was very unhappy in and was getting worse and I felt like I was dying inside every time I walked into the place. In what I saw as my path while in my teacher training, we were losing our jobs and although being offered a job an hour drive away I was happy to decline and from that moment on I have worked for myself in creating my yoga business. Choosing my business name was easy and was a great fit. I registered my business name. Created my website with wix, created my social media accounts and I was off and running.
I run a small home studio which has class sizes of 4 students in each class. This is a very intimate practice and I love the connection I have with my students. My classes are suitable for all types of students. I offer private sessions. I tried teaching kids yoga and prenatal but found I enjoyed teaching general classes more but I am looking at introducing them again in the future.  I teach meditations that are becoming popular. I am looking at introducing workshops and in the future retreats. I have been teaching now for five years and each year that I gain more confidence I look forward to moving forward with new yogic ventures.
I haven’t looked back since starting on my yogic journey and you could also create a path that’s designed just for you.
Here I have also included some tips on how you can make a living while teaching yoga: