Christmas – The Importance of Being Present

It is that time of year again where consumers are spending inordinate amounts of money on the traditional Christmas present.

I have visited several shopping centers over the past few days and have personally witnessed an overwhelming amount of impulsive gift purchasing. Sales and discounts tempt and entice the consumer from every angle. From IT equipment, entertainment devices, toys, beauty products, DVDs, vouchers and clothing. The options are never-ending.
But on what basis are we buying these gifts? Is the intention to give a sincere and heart felt gift, well thought out and given as a demonstration of friendship, love, fondness or compassion?
If it is then why succumb to the pressure of buying gifts that are not heart felt. I understand that for children the joy you witness when they open a gift is priceless but for those who are less fortunate, ill, frail or elderly, the gift of being present is invaluable.
We are so busy throughout the year with the daily pressures of life that we are rarely present with those who matter the most, our loved ones.
So for just one day each year, why not simply enjoy the company of our loved ones. Really listening and being present with one another. Without rushing to the next meeting, appointment or event. After all, we never know when it will be our last Christmas with those we love. At that point all that will be left is to wish that we were present more often, rather than the present itself.
Below is a link to an article about the importance of giving someone your time and being genuinely and fully present.