Everything Yoga

I never thought by becoming a Yoga teacher that I’d start to see everything yoga in my daily actions.     Well it has happened.
Is it my mind playing tricks on me or is just that I enjoy maybe even love what I do.
Happily in our classes I have some interesting conversations with students when we do certain poses and I loved hearing that majority of my students also see many things yoga off their mats.
I could be in my kitchen and need to get something out of a cupboard and I find myself doing either triangle pose or half moon pose to obtain extra reach. Lying in bed I find myself coming into a tree pose, feet together with knees wide opening my hips, crossing my legs as if in seated easy pose but reclined. I find myself doing reclined poses that I find extremely comfortable while focusing on my breath.
I often realise that I am in a posture and wonder if anyone else does the same sort of things off the mat.