Props or No Props

Last  week in class I wanted to introduce my students to
The wonderful world of using straps in their practice. We have used them On occasion for stretching in recline positions and pigeon pose on our backs. But this week I really wanted students to feel the benefits of straps in other poses that maybe hard at times to
Come into.
As we all know every time we step onto our yoga mats our practice is different but I always know that even though my practice is different the areas I struggle with are the same. I find that props are an extension of my body and allowing freedom to come into postures I find difficult due to areas of tightness.
In exploring posture with straps in this weeks classes and communicating with students while in poses and discussions after , we found that straps gave more stability in certain poses like boat pose with a strap. We found it allowed spine to remain straight in forward bends instead of rounding through the shoulders and back, some liked the feeling the strap gave in the back area. I personally feel that it helps my practice progress into postures that I possibly could not get into with out props.
Don’t be afraid to try props and use them as much as you need in your practice , I know I will keep using then when I need them in my own practice.