Are you self conscious about your size, inhibiting you from group fitness classes?

I can finally put my hand up in answering this question. Many years ago I would have stayed silent and still not gone to a group fitness class.
I constantly tell myself it’s because I can’t do cardio or aerobic exercise, really whom am I kidding besides myself, it’s mainly because I felt like most bigger people.
I won’t be able to do this , I’m too big, I don’t fit in, I’ll stand out, I look gross compared to everyone else , the excuses just keep going. With social media so in our faces these days I have come across more pictures, posts, blogs and articles on bigger people finding their exercise.
I am a yoga instructor and have been since 2011, been practicing yoga for many years before I decided to be a teacher. I didn’t know about “fat yoga” back when I jumped on the mat but I can not honestly say it would have made a difference. I think what changes for me is seeing so many bigger people finding an exercise that suits their bodies and what they feel comfortable doing. I think fat yoga is a great start to help start moving our bodies and will defiantly build up confidence so bigger bodies can feel comfortable in their own skins and this changes the thinking process as your really like how you feel on the mat and off the mat and I know for me I want to keep feeling this good no matter how I look  and I have even started exploring other exercise programs I would not have looked at years ago.
If this is something you can relate to read the article s by clicking the link attached, it’s a fantastic read and explains exactly how I felt and sometimes still do but it’s getting easier.