Finding motivation

I set my alarm before heading to bed; I set it with the intentions of getting up early the next day to jump on my yoga mat. Knowing the more I get on the mat the better I will get in my practice and more confident in my teaching.
As I set the alarm I am so full of motivation, inspiration and a heart full of dedication on getting this done. Yet within a few hours it all fades and I struggle to get up and if I do I find it hard to concentrate and stay on the mat.
I find myself asking why does this happen, so many others I see on social media and chat to seem to be more motivated and dedicated to their practice, whether they are a teacher or a student , I still seem to be falling behind and I struggle with why.
Am I lazy, can’t be bothered, tired, unmotivated, not disciplined enough or am I just not as into it as I thought I was. Are all the yogis I see on social media feeds so much better at this than me or are they feeling the same and just hiding it better and coming across positive and motivational , well it works as I feel motivated seeing their feeds and videos.
In digging a little deeper I can tell that it’s not just on the mat I struggle it’s off the mat too. I studied myself a little more closely and could see the pattern with most things I do on and off the mat. My course has taken longer than should have; I want to complete it but struggle to commit to a deadline. I have a few home made products on the go, half finished, another business and I put as much as I can into it and then back off.. So now I recognised it is just something in me and possibly just a bad habit I picked up over time, how can I break this cycle?
Believe it or not in discussing this with my husband a great article came across his path that made complete sense to me. I will share link at end of blog.
To overcome my lack of motivation is commitment. Committing to what my goals are and not getting sides tracked, allow time for the things other than work etc (so fun) it’s all about a healthy balance. I am thinking for me to break my cycle is to set goals daily, every few days, weekly it all depends what it is, use a planner or phone for reminders and work with this schedule. Like the article said doing 100% is less stressful than 99% as it creates guilt and can cloud your perspective..