Where to go once you have graduated?

You have graduated and are now a qualified instructor and looking for work. Have you asked yourself where do I go now, what do I do to get work and how do I approach this next journey?


Since graduating from my TT in December 2011 completing my Advance Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training with CAE I asked this questions many times.
I was teaching a few classes once I graduated as thankfully it was a requirement to get hours up so helped to get out there but what’s going to happen once your left alone to move forward. For me it was an easy decision as my current job was going to finish and I was offered a position else where but over the other side of town which would mean I’d be traveling majority of my working day taking me away from my family and not feeling happy at all with that, so it was natural that I leave and begin my journey as a yoga teacher.
I sent numerous resumes out around my area but most places already had a yoga teacher and took my name as a cover. Many studios required a little more experience so where did I go for that?
In doing research there was not much out there to look for teaching jobs so I joined Facebook and still not much around that was an easy place to go to on search for jobs like covers . In discussing this concern with my husband he suggested there has to be a better way to get covers or a step in the door for new teachers as well as teachers who’s been teaching for a little longer, CoverMe was born. Starting on FB we soon became popular with a cover page in most major countries. So the idea hit us again, there’s just as many teachers every year within the fitness industry that do not use FB or social Media, ( yes they are out there) so how do we reach these instructors and once again CoverMe website was born.
CoverMe employment solutions is a website for all fitness industries where we can create a community withing our website for covers, full time , part time , even volunteer work, you can simply post in looking for work and upload a resume. There’s a blog page , event and workshop page and a super exciting mentor program page. A great a non expensive way to get yourself out there to Australian and international instructors.
As an instructor I understand at times we can be stuck getting covers or even work and therefore can be harder on the pockets.  CoverMe has been created with this in mind,  it is super cheap to join and you will make back your annual fee in just one paid job. We wanted it to be from someone who understands instructors needs within the industry.

I believe it is a platform all Instructors should  take a look at as it has proven many times that it can help us