Inspirational Business Breakfast

This morning ( May 11th) I was lucky to be able to get up early and go have breakfast at Cardina Business Breakfast with guest speaker Todd Sampson.
For those who know me I am quiet shy or nervous rather in meeting people for the first time, a bit  strange considering I am a yoga teacher and get up in front on people on a daily basis.  Well I got up with excitement , nerves but made my way.
I couldn’t believe how many other businesses also woke up early to attend the event, there were heaps of us rolling in. I made my way to the foyer where we looked for our name tags, I put a business card in the lucky dip jar and moved aside. Was so exciting to be apart of this.
Looking around I could see people in their own little groups but I held myself up high and confidant even though inside I was screaming with fear ( what if someone says hi, what do I say, OMG how can I be doing this). A few people came and introduced themselves and we swapped business cards and chatted about our businesses and goals. The ice was broken and I didn’t seem to notice my fear after that, I remained confidant as I was shown to my seat.
I was seated on the SES table and meet some really lovely people, we spoke , ate and drunk our coffee swapping our work stories.
The speakers started and then the guest speaker came up , Todd Sampson,, I never really knew who he was before this, my husband is the news reader and saw the add for the breakfast and thought would be great for me to get myself out there. Todd talked about his journeys and his brain , yes I found out we are all the same in our heads. We are ordinary and extraordinary and it’s in between ( Access) that makes the difference. Learning that we can all reach our dreams and goals if we put our minds to it.
I walked away with a boost off I can do this, I can make CoverMe a success with hard work.. Don’t give up on your dreams just gotta work out how to make them work and go for it.
Thankyou Todd Sampson for the inspirational boost.