My yoga journey

How Yoga helped me by Leeanne Zissimous

I started yoga originally for lower back pain. After the birth of my son I had gained a substantial amount of weight and every morning struggled to get out of bed. The process of rolling out of bed and resting on my hands and knees until the pain subsided was becoming too familiar. I knew there had to be something that could help me. I wasn’t familiar with yoga but I was willing to try anything. After some research I liked what yoga had to offer so located a teacher in my area and off I went. I did not know what to expect as I didn’t know anyone that had been to yoga classes. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight. Due to my size and lack of confidence I found it very hard to do postures, stay aware in Shavasana, and even to stop judging myself compared to other people. I would go home in tears saying I will never be able to do this. I always knew I wanted to help others but had never found my niche.
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