Easter Egg Fitness Treasure Hunt

Here is an active Easter activity you can plan for your kids!  This will get them moving, and have fun at the same time. Simple as this:

  1. Write clues on pieces of paper.
  2. Place clues inside plastic eggs.
  3. Place eggs in their specific location to be found by excited children.
  4. Children must do the exercise and then move onto the next location.

Here are my clues! Feel free to add your own, or make them better!
Egg #1
Do 10 pushups, can you do more?
Look for the next clue, on the front door.
Egg #2
Jump in place for a minute, than a smidge.
If you aren’t too tired, look in the fridge.
Egg #3
Raise your legs high, touch your knee to your nose,
Do this ten times, and then check the garden hose.
Egg #4
Sit down and stretch, you’ve been busy as a bee.
Then get up and run, to the nearest tree!

Egg #5
Do a little dance, you’re almost done
The kitchen table is where we have so much fun.
Egg #6
Doing 5 jumping jacks will make you a star.

Easter Egg Fitness Hunt