Taking the Leap – By Rachel Camilleri @ Do You Even Yoga


Taking the Leap…

About four months ago my husband and I decided to go all in with my yoga career, we wanted to see how we would go without my wage from my job, so I took four months of unpaid leave and set out to build up my yoga life and business.
At that time, I was doing quite well with it, I had classes at the studio I was working at, as well as some behind the scenes admin work, and teaching in schools. Everything was cruising along quite smoothly, until one day, it wasn’t. Bit by bit I started to lose things, first the admin work, then the school gig, and then one of my ongoing classes was cancelled. I was slowly starting to freak out. What had I done? Why was this happening? I had jumped in, given up an income and the universe was testing me.
The pressure was starting to build and as daunting as all that was, I used the test I was being given and realized that things had been too comfortable for me. In order for me to really get things rolling with my yoga career I had to branch out and away from where I was settled. I started looking on the Cover Me Yoga Facebook page for teaching covers, anything I could do to get my foot in the door in other places.
I was lucky enough to find one straight away and it has now become one of my permanent positions. I then started to apply at other places, and I secured another two positions. I now have four places in which I teach, as well as my own home studio, Do You Even Yoga.
All it took was for me to believe in myself as a yoga teacher and pick up the phone, make the calls and say what it was that I wanted…to teach yoga!!
Being able to look back on this time has made me realize that if I didn’t lose those things, the admin work and classes, I may never have taken the initiative to seek out other work. I needed that push out of the nest to stand on my own two feet and begin to walk on my own.
My unpaid leave ends on Monday and I have just made the call to say that I won’t be returning. I have taken the leap and while I am terrified, I am also so excited at what’s to come. There is so much more I can do, and I will grasp it all with both hands and ride the wave to a successful yoga teaching career.                            
Namaste Rachel