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What is CoverMe?

CoverMe Employment Solutions is the website to go to if you require a cover for fitness classes, Hospitality , administration jobs and many more. If someone calls in sick at the last minute CoverMe can help. CoverMe Is also a place to offer job opportunities to members looking for more work in their fields .  Increase your employee pool.

CoverMe Employment Solutions is a registered name in Australia and It’s ABN: 67 698 737 009
If you have any queries or concerns you can contact us on :

Why CoverMe Employment Solutions?

CMES works exclusively with people trained in similar industries with the same credentials to either cover , part or full time positions !!!!!


Free Subscription For A Whole Year 

This is an invitation to join and trial CoverMe Employment Solutions (CMES) for a whole year on us, Valid Until October 31st 2015.
All you need to do is post covers, Job opportunities and apply for any jobs you are interested in. Look around and Use website, Send feedback to Administration if you have any ideas on how it could be improved if needed. Oh and share with your family and friends !!!!! 

All you need to do is visit :
Go to Log In,  register, Membership , select, enter discount coupon code and click apply..

Coupon Code: NEWUSER


Founder Message

As founder of CoverMe, I also work in the fitness industry. I would require covers at times for my classes or could see other instructors requiring covers.
CoverMe was the quickest way I was able to have my classes covered and where I could also Apply for other jobs in the same industry.

Leeanne Zissimous
Founder – CoverMe Employment Solutions